The Grime Gallon

The Grime Gallon

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All-Purpose Marine Cleaner

Non-Hazardous Non-Toxic Ingredients

All-purpose cleaner and degreaser to clean, grease, grime, spills, and slime.
Designed by a professional detailer for marine and automotive purposes. Safely cleans interiors and all the latest unique upholstery fabrics and foam flooring /deck offered in the marine industry.

Directions :
Spray as needed on soiled area or on a clean towel and lightly scrub with soft bristle brush or cleaning sponge if needed and wipe off.

DO NOT SPRAY ON OXIDIZED PAINT OR GELCOAT it could result in permanent staining.

DO NOT SPRAY ON HOT SURFACE it could result in permanent staining.

Keep out of reach of children
If Excessive Inhalation occurs seek fresh air.
For skin or eye irritation, wash thoroughly with water