Nauti Starter Kit

Nauti Starter Kit

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🇺🇸Made in the U.S.A.

1. Nauti Shine 32oz Bottle - Aggressive Water Spot Remover - Glossy Sealant & Excellent Detail Spray

What Makes Nauti Shine Worth Carrying

  • Aggresive water spot removing formula
  • Does NOT strip your current wax or sealants
  • Your watercrafts will ALWAYS be glistening in the sun

2. Nauti Grime 32 oz Bottle - All-Purpose Marine Cleaner

Non-Hazardous Non-Toxic Ingredients

All-purpose cleaner and degreaser to clean, grease, grime, spills, and slime.
Designed by a professional detailer for marine and automotive purposes. Safely cleans interiors and all the latest unique upholstery fabrics and foam flooring /deck offered in the marine industry.

3. Nauti Hard Time 32 oz Bottle - Hard Water Spot Remover

Hard time is formulated to remove hard water and calcium stains on your watercraft. Safe on glass, plastic, stainless, powder-coat, paint, gel-coat, and fiberglass. HARD TIME WATER SPOT REMOVER COULD STAIN SURFACES IF NOT USED AS DIRECTED. DO NOT USE ON ALUMINUM OR ANODIZED ALUMINUM IT WILL PERMANENTLY STAIN.